We all know that having good tires on our car can offer various benefits, including long lifespan on tires, better gas mileage, better performance, and a safer ride in general. In addition to having good tires, your tires also need to be correctly inflated.

A tire that’s over-inflated can cause these problems:

  • Inability to control your vehicle
  • More likely to result in a flat tire
  • Better chance of a blowout
  • Tire is more at risk of damage

A tire that’s under-inflated can cause these problems:

  • Reduced lifespan of tire
  • Decreased fuel efficiency
  • Unnecessary pressure on the engine
  • Poor handling of vehicle
  • Uncomfortable and bumpy ride

Drivers should monitor the tire’s air pressure regularly and keep a portable air pressure gauge in the vehicle. Don’t use the recommended air pressure that’s listed on the tire because that’s for the tire and not necessarily for the car. Get the information from your owner’s manual.


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