A transfer case is the part of your car's drivetrain that makes sure that power gets to where it needs to go. A transfer case is what lets you shift gears. It's connected to your transmission and driveshaft, and it has differentials that allow you to switch between low-range, where you want more torque, and high-range, where you want more speed.

The transfer case also has a center differential, which helps distribute power evenly between the front and rear wheels. If something goes wrong with your transfer case, several things can happen:

• You might hear loud grinding noises when shifting gears or turning corners in low-range mode, when you need more torque. This could mean that something is stuck in the gears or bearings inside the transfer case.

• You might hear clicking noises when moving from one gear into another, but no grinding sounds. This indicates an electrical problem with either your shifter or wiring harnesses inside the transfer case itself.


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