Our team at A1 Auto Service Center knows that vehicle fluid leaks are an unfortunately common occurrence for many car owners in Winchester, VA. Understanding the most common types of vehicle fluid leaks can help drivers identify the source of a leak and take the necessary steps to fix the issue.

Oil - When you notice an oil leak, it's important to check the level of engine oil in your car. Common signs of an oil leak include dark and greasy patches on the drive, as well as a burning smell coming from the engine.

Antifreeze - Antifreeze leaks can typically be identified by the sweet smell of coolant that escapes from the car. If antifreeze is leaking, it will create a green or yellow stain on the ground below your vehicle.

Transmission Fluid - Transmission fluid leaks are often accompanied by a burning smell from the engine. The fluid is usually a reddish or pink color and may be accompanied by visible smoke coming from the car.

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