While it is the last stage of the vehicle’s system, the exhaust plays an important role in the entire system. A malfunctioning exhaust system will cause toxic gases to be released to the atmosphere. Also, since the combustion process is very noisy, a poorly designed exhaust system means you will have a very noisy vehicle.

An efficient engine will have little to no pollination from its exhaust system. The final form of the fuel from your engine is smoke, which is let out of the tail pipe through the exhaust. The exhaust consists of pipes filled with catalytic converters to convert the hazardous gases from the combustion chambers into less toxic gases.

These gasses will later pass though the mufflers to reduce the noise produced. The combustion process is highly rigorous and noisy since it works under high pressure. The series of chambers and pipes in the mufflers are designed to absorb these sounds to ensure that your vehicle runs silently.


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