Do you know why it's important to change out your filters? Filters keep out dust and debris from certain areas of your vehicle. Unsurprisingly, this job can be a messy one. Filters can get old, dusty, and dirty over time, and they'll need to be changed in order for your vehicle to function more effectively.

At A-1 Auto Service Center, we can replace both your cabin and engine air filter. The cabin filter removes particulates from the air that is circulated in the cabin, the part of the vehicle where you and your passengers sit. If your filter gets too dirty, your HVAC system might not work as well, and you might notice an odor in the cabin.

As vehicles drive around Winchester, their engines take in air. That air needs to be clean in order for your engine to work efficiently, and that's the job of the filter. Having your filter replaced can protect your engine.

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